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Carriage visit

Being one of the few Moroccan cities that have been able to preserve the very unique mode of transport “La Calèche”, Ando Voyage offers a walk around the city to visit its various gardens while taking a panoramic tour for half a day . The tour covers the gardens of the menara, the Marojelle Botanical Garden and the city center.

Tour details

Ando Voyage offers during this visit to walk in the red city via a mode of transport full of charm: the carriage.

The tour includes exploring the peaceful gardens of Menara, the enchanting Majorelle Botanical Garden and the city center.


Infos Supplémentaires

The price of this half-day is 300 DH per person and includes:

  • Private guide during the half day.
  • Half day carriage rides.
  • Entry fees to monuments.

Rates valid from 3 people.